The Personal Concert Experience

An affordable, wearable audio system that makes use of tactile transducers to create a full sound experience that you can feel.


About PCE

This prototype works as a proof of concept for the idea of affordable tactile audio systems. Similar systems (with only the bass response component) cost around $300-$400. This system is custom made to keep price down, while still including features and a wide frequency response. The current model uses generic parts and very basic mounting brackets, and has much room for improvement. The prototype design is under $100, and although that does not include the battery which will be in future revisions, it does include the extra cost for the unneeded features and output provided by the prototype boards. Overall the cost should not change much from the current design, especially if the mounting brackets are mass produced.

Main Technical Parts: $78.86

Main technical parts: $78.86
2x50W Amplifier Board: $24.90
2x8W Amplifier Board: $9.98
Tactile Transducer: $13.09 x2 = $26.18
Bone Conducting Exciter: $8.90 x2 = $17.80

Structural Parts

Tactile transducer mount
Bone conducting exciter mount

Other Parts

Volume control
Low pass filter